Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 Is Snowflake-Certified

The Roadian AT Pro RA8 tire from Nexen Tire America Inc. has earned an upgrade — the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) label. Production with the new molds began in June.

Nexen says the Roadian AT Pro RA8 comes with up to a 50,000 mile limited warranty and 36 months of roadside assistance. As of June 2019, it’s certified with the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake symbol.
Nexen says the Roadian AT Pro RA8 comes with up to a 50,000 mile limited warranty and 36 months of roadside assistance. As of June 2019, it’s certified with the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake symbol.
Nexen says dealers can order tires from those new molds now, and the tires can be delivered in about 60 to 90 days.
The all-terrain tire is designed for optimal mud extraction, noise reduction and wear, and the 3PMSF mark on the sidewall places it in the category for wintery conditions with no performance tradeoffs, Nexen says. The 3PMSF is not available on original equipment or flotation sizes.

The Roadian AT Pro RA8 comes in both p-metric and LT sizes, ranging from 15 inches to 22 inches.

Nexen Tire Partners with Plug and Play for Future Technology and Business Development

  • Nexen Tire forms strategic partnership with Plug and Play, world’s most impactful innovation platform
  • The company plans to build a global network of start-ups in the tire and mobility industries with promising technology and business capabilities

(SEOUL, South Korea, June 18, 2019) – Nexen Tire, a leading global tire manufacturer, announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Plug and Play, the world’s largest corporate innovation platform and startup accelerator.

As a part of its effort to build an infrastructure for future technology development and new business initiation, Nexen Tire has decided to join forces with Plug and Play. As a market leading accelerator, Plug and Play was an early investor in Silicon Valley’s most renowned firms including PayPal, Lending Club, Dropbox and SoundHound.

The two companies announced a partnership on June 13th at Plug and Play’s HQ in Sunnyvale, California, forming a strategic partnership to pursue innovative collaborations in the tire and mobility industries. The announcement was made during the Summer Expo, one of the largest events at Plug and Play with over 500 attendees from major OEMs, top automotive suppliers, top tier venture capitalists, and startups.

Through the partnership with Plug and Play, Nexen Tire will seek to partner up with the next wave of the most promising technologies in the tire and mobility industries. This should also enable Nexen Tire to realize its ‘open R&D’ philosophy, offering collaboration and partnerships, especially to firms in the tire technology field.

Don Lee, Executive Director of Nexen Tire America Technical Center said “Nexen Tire is pleased to announce the partnership with Plug and Play, one of the world’s leading accelerators,” adding, “We hope to utilize this opportunity to build a stronger global presence in terms of technology and business, and transform into an innovative corporation while also contributing to the start-up ecosystem as a whole.”  

Sobhan Khani, Vice President, Mobility & IoT of Plug and Play also commented, “We are delighted to have another global corporation join our platform,” and added, “We hope this partnership will serve as an opportunity for both Nexen Tire and Plug and Play in nurturing an innovative business ecosystem for the automobile industry.”

About Nexen Tire

Nexen Tire, established in 1942, is a global tire manufacturer headquartered in South Korea. Nexen Tire, one of the world’s fastest growing tire manufacturers, works with more than 500 dealers based in 137 countries around the world (as of May 2019) and owns four manufacturing plants – two in Korea (Yangsan and Changnyeong) and one in Qingdao, China. Another plant in Žatec, Czech Republic has also begun operation in 2019. Nexen Tire produces tires for passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks with advanced technology and excellence in design. The company also focuses on producing UHP tires, which are based on advanced technologies. Nexen Tire supplies OE tires to global car makers in various countries around the world. In 2014, the company achieved a grand slam of the world‘s top 4 design awards for the first time amongst the various tire makers in the world. For more information, please visit

About Plug and Play

Plug and Play is a global innovation platform. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we have built accelerator programs, corporate innovation services and an in-house VC to make technological advancement progress faster than ever before. Since our inception in 2006, our programs have expanded worldwide to include a presence in over 20 locations globally giving startups the necessary resources to succeed in Silicon Valley and beyond. With over 10,000 startups and 280 official corporate partners, we have created the ultimate startup Protected ecosystem in many industries. We provide active investments with 200 leading Silicon Valley VCs, and host more than 700 networking events per year. Companies in our community have raised over $7 billion in funding, with successful portfolio exits including Danger, Dropbox, Lending Club and PayPal. For more information, visit

Nexen Tire’s Partner Manchester City Becomes Back to Back Champions at the Premier League

On May 12, Manchester City defeated Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club (Brighton) 4-1 making it the sixth league title to be won by the Club. Throughout the season, Manchester City and Liverpool went back and forth, trading the lead. When the championship for the 2018/19 season drew near, Manchester City’s last game against Brighton was a significant win as the Club has won the Carabao Cup and Premier League for the second year in a row.

“As the Official Tire Partner of Manchester City, we would like to congratulate the Club for their outstanding victory,” said Travis Kang, Global CEO of Nexen Tire. “Ever since we partnered with Manchester City and became the Official Sleeve Partner, the Club continued to display records of success. Not only is this meaningful for the company, but this is also a reminder of the hard effort and team work that the Club put forward.”

“It was another momentous season for Manchester City and Nexen Tire is proud to support and be a longstanding partner with Manchester City in this winning season and we will continue to reach out to more fans globally and drive our brand awareness.”

Nexen Tire extended its multi-year partnership with Manchester City in March 2017, becoming the first ever Official Sleeve Partner in the EPL history. Since the partnership, Manchester City has been on a continuing success with two Premiere League wins for two years in a row. Through this partnership, the company has been increasing its global brand awareness and plans to continue its wide range of marketing efforts with the club. 2019 is also a momentous year for Nexen Tire as it completed four major facilities – R&D centers in Magok, the US, and Europe as well as a new plant that will open in Europe. With Nexen Tire’s accomplishments and Manchester City’s second-year win, the two partners created a synergy effect.

Meanwhile, Nexen Tire is scheduled to launch various local and international events for B2B and B2C to celebrate Manchester City’s win.

Nexen Tire opens R&D hub in Seoul

SEOUL, South Korea—Nexen Tire Corp. has inaugurated a 613,000-sq.-ft. central research center in Seoul that will become the company’s research and development hub for its R&D centers in the U.S., Europe and China.

Nexen invested $178 million throughout two years in the center, dubbed “Nexen UniverCity,” which is located within the Magok Industrial Complex in western Seoul. The structure, which stands eight stories tall with two additional stories underground, houses both research and business complexes.

The workspace has been designed as an “open innovation environment” to maximize concentration and teamwork, Nexen said. The company did not say how many employees will work at the new center.

To help pave the way for smarter technology, Nexen said, the center houses R&D facilities that can predict and implement optimal performances such as original equipment versus replacement product manufacturing, artificial intelligence technology and virtual tire technique. It also features a performance research center to evaluate the performance of tires and vehicles and a material research center to analyze diverse nano and macro dimensions on various materials.

The name “UniverCity” is derived from a combination of “Nexen Universe” and “City,” Nexen said, and reflects the company’s core values—challenge, creativity and collaboration—and business philosophy of infinite possibilities and values.

The building includes a courtyard and multi-helix green roof and features tire tread patterns on the exterior to define the industry’s attributes. It incorporates a solar power system, an underground cooling and heating ventilation system and a green rooftop to prevent thermal heat damage.

The eco features helped Nexen obtain a Level 1 building energy-efficiency rating certificate from the Korea Energy Agency.

Among those attending the recent grand opening ceremony were Nexen Chairman Kang Byeong Jung, Nexen Global CEO Travis Kang; Sohn Kyung Shik, the chairman of Korea Employers Federation; Kany Ho Gab, chairman of Federation of Middle Market Enterprise of Korea; and other executives and staff members of the Nexen Central Research Institute.

“The Magok Central Research Institute really defines Nexen Tire’s growth DNA and its identity, …” Mr. Kang said at the opening. “We will carry out a pivotal and global role that will raise the value of the movement, shifting the paradigm in the tire industry by creating new changes and future values that no one has seen before.”

The opening of the Magok center comes nine months after Nexen opened a combined European business/technical center in Kelkheim, Germany.

Nexen also has R&D centers in Changnyeong, China, and at its recently commissioned tire plant in Zatec, Czech Republic, as well one for North America under construction in Richfield, Ohio, north of Akron.